Who does not know it?
You sit with your children in an indoor play paradise, you ride past the playground or see your neighborhood children romp around in the neighborhood. You see the pleasure of the children and think: what would it be nice to be as carefree as they are.
Now you get the chance.
After the success of the bouncy festival and the land of ever festival, we come up with a completely new concept. An indoor playground, especially for adults.
There you can let yourself go and get in touch with your inner-child.
Science proved that playing is healthy. Also for adults.
It helps to regulate stress, it takes you out of daily grind and lets you relax.
And be honest, what could be better than just letting you go all the way. Swimming in the ball pit, racing through the climbing device, jumping on the trampoline and watching who jumps the highest.
As a Chinese proverb reads:
“He is a great person who never loses the child in himself.”
So come and enjoy with us and enjoy.
We hope to see you soon on one of our playing days.
Team Variation Play