A chinese saying says “Never lose the child in yourself”. This is why a Chinese can work for so long and move well in the very hectic life there.


Also in the western world life is very hectic. Evening the daily problems can give a lot of relief and work very positively against stress and burnouts. Within psychology and psychiatry this is known and its importance is recognized, but in the absence of possibilities, nothing is done to the least.



Adult play is often seen as crazy and inappropriate in the standards of adulthood we impose on ourselves. That’s why one of the reasons is that there are no hardly any possibilities at the existing indoor playgrounds for adults to play without children. However, some people (like TunFun in Amsterdam) are allowed to play with your children as adults, but you can see that many are already too far away because they are afraid of the opinion of others. Opening an indoor playground for adults only can ensure that that threshold is eliminated because all visitors are there for the same reason: play!



On the internet, however, it is known about adult games. There are among other things

Find articles about how healthy play for you is. There are also a number of initiatives, such as

bouncy cushion festival for adults and a group of young adults back in the ball box at Balorig in The Netherlands. However, it remains with incidental initiatives. An example of this is


The following newspaper article writes about an bouncy cushion festival for adults. What a pleasure there is and what a nice response from participants!


For more information about bouncy cushion festivals, take a look at the organization’s site:


There are also some articles from newspapers in which adults are very excited about playing and how they miss it in their daily lives because playing is no longer just in the life of an adult


Jelle Hermus of So Chicken regularly writes blogs. This is repeated several times

play and feel free In a clip on the link below, you can see how office workers transform into happy, free creatures that blow everything out and unleash and nude into nature.

It’s worth watching the movie to experience a free feeling.

And who knows, you get your colleagues too much to do it !!


Jelle also wrote a blog about how healthy and fun is. This article is definitely worth reading. He writes it so much that you get spontaneous to run to the neighbors to invite them to play tikkertje.


Also in the advertising industry, the play of adults regularly returns. For example, think of a big ball box in the middle of the street to make friends:



All this indicates that there is a big question about a concept and that adults want to, but often do not dare to play.



However, there are exceptions as shown in the following videos:





We hope to give you a good overview of the background of the idea.